Monday, September 16, 2013

Sonoma Mini-Reunion, September 14

Thanks to Ardi, a small group of us gathered in beautiful Sonoma, California. A special treat was meeting Lila Lisanevich, daughter of the famed Boris and a leading creative force for the legendary Kathmandu production of "Kismet." (There's actually a Wikipedia page about Boris!)

We shared a wonderful meal at the "Taste of the Himalayas" restaurant in Sonoma, then sat in the park and reminisced for a few hours, and strolled around the plaza before heading home.

 Richard, Leslie, Ardi, and Lila

At the Sonoma Cheese Factory

Saturday, August 31, 2013


Here are a couple of pictures Jolene Unsoeld sent me a couple of years ago. There's one of her with Regon and Krag, and one of her with Terres (I think she said it was in Switzerland).

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Treaure Lake Reunion Part 4

Another set from Randa.

 Don, Melanie, Janie, Gary (Janie's husband), Nancy
 Janie and Gary
 Janie, Cathy, Don
Roger (with the bug zapper) and Richard

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Friday, August 16, 2013

Treasure Lake Reunion - At the Restaurant

Here is a not-so-great shot of Cathy and Nancy surrendering to a prolonged fit of hysterics during our dinner at Luigi's. It was a wonderful climax to our great weekend!

Treasure Lake Reunion - The Cake

Randa had this cake made for us, with the 1962 Lincoln School class photo "magically" transformed into icing! Everybody present who was in the photo wanted the slice with "them" in it! (Thanks to Nancy Jaffee for these pictures.)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The California Mini-Reunions

 March 2011 at Indian restaurant in Richmond, CA
(l-r) Richard Darsie, Randall Goodall, Ardi Despain, Don Good
July 2012 at "Burma Superstar" restaurant in Oakland, CA
(l-r) Ardi Despain, Don Good, Ember Crippen, Richard Darsie, 
Jann Darsie, Sean Darsie (Richard's son), Leslie Jones (Richard's wife)

If you're ever in the SF Bay area you must try and go to one of the Burma Superstar restaurants (there's one in Oakland, one in SF, and one in Alameda). The food there is truly to DIE for!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

1963 Everest Expedition

Since our reunion was billed as a "50th Anniversary Lincoln School Reunion," I thought you might enjoy this article on the 50th anniversary reunion of some of the American climbers.

Here are some pics from the expedition.

 Willi Unsoeld (right) and Barry Bishop (center) 
await evacuation by helicopter from Namche Bazaar
[they look like they've seen better days, don't they??]

Treasure Lake Reunion Part 2

Some of Randa's pictures! Herman Marshall finally showed up Saturday night (sorry I missed you, Herman!).

(l-r) Jan Viles, Richard Darsie, Cathy Marshall,
Melanie Marshall, Nancy Jaffee, Jill Johnson
(back l) Kathy Vogel; (back r) Randa McEachron
(l-r) Randa, Nancy, Cathy
(l-r) Herman Marshall, Randa McEachron, Don Good, Janie Crippen
(l-r) Cathy Marshall, Don Good, Janie Crippen, Randa McEachron
photographer in foreground is Janie's husband
(l-r) Janie Crippen, Cathy Marshall, Melanie Marshall, Randa McEachron
(l-r) Janie Crippen, Richard Darsie, Cathy Marshall
Nancy Jaffee in background with Janie's husband
(l-r) Kathy Vogel, Cathy Marshall, Melanie Marshall, Nancy Jaffee, 
Jill Johnson, Richard Darsie, Randa McEachron, Janie Crippen
(l-r) Cathy Marshall, Nancy Jaffee, Jill Johnson, Melanie Marshall, Jill's husband
[my apologies for not remembering the spouses' names!]

Peace Corps Volunteer photos

I found an interesting archive of photos taken by a Peace Corps volunteer in Nepal in the 1960s-70s. It's a Flickr site, here. Lots of familiar sights, and some unfamiliar.

Treasure Lake Reunion Part 1

Well, it was an unbelievable weekend - the kind that only comes around very seldom.  Instant, deep feeling of connection even with those of us who didn't know each other there. The shared experience of living in Kathmandu as children obviously left a profound impression on all of us.

Here's the first group of pictures from the weekend.

Randa & Roger's house at Treasure Lake

Janie Crippen and Cathy Marshall

Janie and Cathy being photographed by Melanie Marshall ("Ladybug").
A lot of this went on this weekend.

Our gracious hostess Randa

Randa, Nancy Jaffee, Cathy and Janie on the couch;
Janie's husband and Kathy Vogel visible through the "hole in the wall"

More picture-taking. 

(l-r) Cathy Marshall, Janie Crippen, Randa McEachron, Melanie Marshall, 
Richard Darsie, Nancy Jaffee, Jill Johnson, Kathy Vogel

(front) Janie Crippen, Melanie Marshall
(next) Nancy Jaffee, Randa McEachron
(next) Kathy Vogel, Richard Darsie
(back) Jill Johnson, Cathy Marshall
(front) Melanie Marshall, Jill Johnson, Richard Darsie
(back) Nancy Jaffee, Janie Crippen, Randa McEachron, Kathy Vogel, Cathy Marshall
 Melanie and Randa's old dog, Hermes
 Our "hike": Jan Viles at center with husband on left; Melanie at right
Beautiful surroundings
(yeah, I know, it's not Nepal)

Jan Viles, Cathy Marshall, and Randa's husband Roger
(Melanie at far left)
Jan Viles and husband
Randa and Cathy Marshall
 Nancy, Melanie and Don Good on the upper balcony
Saturday evening meal at the Italian restaurant (was it Luigi's?) in DuBois
(that's pronounced DEW-boys)