Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Treasure Lake Reunion Part 2

Some of Randa's pictures! Herman Marshall finally showed up Saturday night (sorry I missed you, Herman!).

(l-r) Jan Viles, Richard Darsie, Cathy Marshall,
Melanie Marshall, Nancy Jaffee, Jill Johnson
(back l) Kathy Vogel; (back r) Randa McEachron
(l-r) Randa, Nancy, Cathy
(l-r) Herman Marshall, Randa McEachron, Don Good, Janie Crippen
(l-r) Cathy Marshall, Don Good, Janie Crippen, Randa McEachron
photographer in foreground is Janie's husband
(l-r) Janie Crippen, Cathy Marshall, Melanie Marshall, Randa McEachron
(l-r) Janie Crippen, Richard Darsie, Cathy Marshall
Nancy Jaffee in background with Janie's husband
(l-r) Kathy Vogel, Cathy Marshall, Melanie Marshall, Nancy Jaffee, 
Jill Johnson, Richard Darsie, Randa McEachron, Janie Crippen
(l-r) Cathy Marshall, Nancy Jaffee, Jill Johnson, Melanie Marshall, Jill's husband
[my apologies for not remembering the spouses' names!]

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