Friday, September 26, 2014

Houston Reunion Part 3

These were taken by Janie Crippen.

Don Good, Cathy Marshall, Randa McEachron, Sheila Roach, 
Janie Crippen, Nancy Jaffie, Nancy Clark, Rick Yeomans
 Friday night dinner
(l-r) Nancy Anderson's mom, Kathy Vogel, Cherry Clark, 
unknown to me, Nick Cocavessis, Eric Linnander, Nancy Anderson
[sorry for the gaps, please help me fill them in!]
 Friday night dinner
(l-r) Becky Gregg, Bill Tait, unknown, Roger McEachron,
Randa McEachron, Sheila Roach, Nancy Jaffie
 Friday night dinner
(l-r) unknown, John Marshall, Richard Darsie, Leslie Jones,
Gary Knieper (Janie's husband), Tommy Enriquez, Ardi Despain
 Group photo at the hotel
 Janie Crippen and Cathy Marshall
 Jill Johnson, Rick Yeomans, Cathy Marshall
 Jon Good, Cathy Marshall, Don Good
 Kathy Vogel, Melanie Marshall
 Memory sharing
 Nancy Jaffie, Jill Johnson
 At Nick Cocavessis' party
 Richard Darsie and Leslie Jones
[I really hate my wild-eyed expression here. It's because 
I'm trying to force my eyes to stay open for the flash]
 Memory sharing
Tommy Enriquez and Janie Crippen

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